Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in One Day

Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in One Day

Jaipur Tourism by Taxi: Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, and also Jaipur is known as Pink City and Jaipur is the Grate Tourism Places in Rajasthan. All local and foreigner tourism can visit in Jaipur for seem the Indian culture. 

Whenever you go on a tour you do not forget to buy the famous things along with the picnic there but this question arises. In this way, you take help from the guide or local people. So, let us make this problem even easier for you this time. If you are going to Jaipur then you will definitely come to these places.

City Palace:

City Palace is situated in the heart of Jaipur City, between 1729 and 1732, it was built by King Sawai Jai Singh II, who was then ruler of Aamer. It is a unique complex of many palaces, pavilions, gardens and temples, in which the most prominent and most visited structures are the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, the Crown, Palace of the Queen, Govind Dev Ji Mandir and the City Palace Museum. In front of this temple is Jantar Mantar and on the other side is the Hawa Mahal.

Hawa Mahal:

Hawa Mahal is a princess-palace in Jaipur, capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1798 and it was designed by architect Lal Chand Ustad like any 'Rajmukut'. Its unique five-story building, which is only one and a half feet wide from the top, looks out from the bee hive on the outside, in which there are 153 extremely beautiful and attractive miniature lattice windows, called Jharkha. The basic feeling behind making these windows netting was that the women of Rajghar who strictly adhered to the "curtain custom" looked at the activities of the roads and the everyday life of the streets under the palace with these windows. Can do it. Apart from this, due to the "Venturi effect", the cold air, always with the walls of these complex structures, comes in the castle, due to which the palace always remains air conditioned in the hot summer.

Built on lime, red and pink sandstone, this palace is situated on the main road in the heart of the business center of Jaipur. It is only part of the City Palace and the Zanana is spread to the room or the women's room. In the morning, it gives a unique feeling to see the sun shine in the sunlight. You can hire a cab for one Day Jaipur Darshan By Taxi. Here You can visit given URL and check the Jaipur Tour Packages. 

Chokhila Dhani Village:

Chokhila Dhani is an important example of Rajasthani culture in itself. This country leaves a unique mark in the hearts of tourists coming from abroad. Its color is similar to a Rajasthani village. The different styles of which have been shown here, such as village lanes, painting styles, fine artwork made, walls and houses decoration. Here the native country of Rajasthan enjoys the taste of indigenous food, which is not only foreign but also foreign tourists. If you ever come to Jaipur to visit Rajasthan then you will surely see the Dhokhi Dhyanani.

Nahargarh Biological Park:

Nahargarh Adhikaran is situated on Jaipur-Delhi Highway, about 12 km from Jaipur City. It is settled in the Aravalli range 720 actors. This thing is very popular because of its flora and fauna. Nahargarh Biological Park is expected to see more than 285 species of birds, the most popular of which are white-naped tit, which is only found. Many other animals like Asiatic lions, Bengali gardens, Panthers, wolves, deer, crocodiles, bears, Himalaya black bears, wild boar etc. are found in the Nahargarh zoological flight. For One Day Jaipur Darshan By Taxi, you can hire Jaipur Sightseeing Taxi and enjoy you vacation with best Taxi in Jaipur. 

Unique Museum:

The Unique Museum of Hand Art Printing, located in the old Chanwar palanquin mansion in Jaipur. This is a charitable foundation which works for the protection of traditional artists of Jaipur. This non-governmental organization not only provides employment training, but also offers employment opportunities to the emerging artists and artisans and provides training. The main aim of this foundation is to promote hand block printing, which is the ancient tradition of Jaipur. This museum has a cafe and shop in which handmade cards, jewelry and clothes are sold.

Chand Baawadi:

Chand Baawadi is the deepest left in the world. Its structure is that which attracts the mind. It is only 95 kilometers from Jaipur. This bawdi is made in a square shape of 35 meters. It is 100 feet deep, which is 13-storey. In which there is 3500 stairs like a maze. The center of attraction is the reason for its stairs. Through the ladder you go down, you cannot go back up through them. And this is the architecture of its architecture. The temple of Harshat Mata (Harshat Mata) above the Baawadi is a place which is said by the people here that if you ask for something with your heart, you definitely fulfill your vow. This bed has chambers, urine chambers, and secret tunnels. It was only because this lady was so deep that if one fell down, she could not come back and used the secret tunnels used by the King with his commander and soldiers during the war. Experts themselves also, after research, believed that it was very useful in their time.

Bapu Bazar:

Bapu Bazar is located in the old Jaipur city between Sangrari Gate and New Gate. Bapu Bazaar is a busy market. There is no vehicle traffic on this road. You can buy all the Rajasthani things here - Salwar kameez sets, bedsheets, cushion covers and clothes. Block prints and vegetable dyeing are very specific in the state of Rajasthan. Available in the form of salwar suit, dress material and bedpad, Sanganari prints, Bagura Print (Sangaranari and Baij Print, Batik Print and Bandhaj Print), all of which are famous for Rajasthan, in the name of singing.

Link Road is an extension of Bapu Bazaar and is good for artificial ornaments and lacquer candles. You can also shop for famous morchid housewives. These shoes are made of soft camel leather. And after dinner, do not stop Jaipur supari and powders, sweet and spicy Ayurvedic digestion, Rajasthani Papad and mung daal papad at the Sukur provisional store. Apart from this, Rajasthani herbal hina is also easily available for hair color and mehindi (traditional art of painting) on hands and feet. In fact, you have a Mahendi artist on the street outside the shop. You can try in many stores and also can afford to negotiate.

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