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Ranthambore Safari Booking

Planning to visit the best Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan? Then Aashi Holidays Cabs is available at your service. We are a 2010 started tourism firm which offers assistance in Ranthambore National Park Safari Booking.

Ranthambore Safari Timings

The standard timing for Safari is from 6:30 AM and 02:00 PM, continued for three houses. These are winter schedules, and for summers, it’s different.

For more information on Ranthambore Safari, kindly view the below FAQ in Ranthambore National Park.

Ranthambore National Park Tour:

Ranthambore National Park is the fortieth largest national park, which is located near town Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, about 130 KM from Jaipur. It is famous for the growing number of tigers. Here thousands of tourists from abroad come to visit the tiger each year. If you do not see this forest inhabited by tigers in Rajasthan, then understand that something remains incomplete. Ranthambore is also counted as the famous wildlife park. Get the best services for Ranthambore Safari tour through Aashi Holidays.

The ancient National Sanctuary is situated on the edge of the plateau of Harti. It spread on the vast plains of the Chambal River on the north and the banks of Banas river. This large sanctuary has many lakes, which provide a natural environment and water resources for wildlife. Ranthambore sanctuary is named after the famous Ranthambore fort here.

This garden is a tiger protected area. This National Sanctuary is world famous because of its beautiful, huge enclave and tiger presence. Along with the sanctuary, the historic fort here attracts tourists. For a long time, this National Park and its nearby Ranthambore fort especially affect tourists.

Ranthambore is known under the 'Tiger Conservation Project' and there is also a good number of tigers here. From time to time, tigresses give birth to cubs. So such occasions are not less than any celebration for forest department officers and employees. This sanctuary is called "Tigers Sanctuary" but there is also a large number of other wildlife presents here. This Sanctuary is a house full of diversity for a wide variety of vegetation, trees, vines, small creatures, and birds.

In addition to animals, approximately 264 species of birds can be seen here. Many migratory birds come here in the winter. Birds can be seen in birds, crested serpent eagles, Great Indian Horn Owls, pheasants, painted pheasants, quails, spiral peacocks, tree pie and many types of storks. Beautiful places like Rajbagh Pond, Padam Talab, Milk Pond, attract many types of animals and are trying to hunt for them. Non-vegetarian animals. There are crocodiles in the lakes of this garden. Jeep safaris can also be enjoyed here.

Here the forest authorities have constructed roads for tourists so that they can roam the park. The Wild Authority has special arrangements for photography and videography.

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